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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 12, 2016 8:30am-9:01am EST

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tom kierein with more on that. >> we can say good-bye to the warm, spring weather we have had the last couple of days. we are getting a few scattered sprinkles in montgomery county. this one line has been coming across northern virginia the last hour. now it is crossing the potomac out of fairfax, into montgomery county. a patch of green. sprinkle activity about b to come from clarksburg, bethesda. northeast washington, northwest, a few scattered light sprinkles. cloudy, cooler, just a few sprinkles perhaps later today. a cool, wet pattern tomorrow night monday. thank you very much, tom. new, we are learning about a crash on the beltway that may slow some of you down. it is along the inner loop near river road.
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a tractor trailer hit this car just before 5:00 this morning, flipping the car over, sending it into flames there. no one was seriously hurt. drivers can get through the area there. you should be aware of officials on the side of the road still clearing up the scene. developing right now, two police officers are hurt. at least five people are arrested after mass protests outside a donald trump rally. if you look at this massive crowd of protesters, it is at the university of illinois chicago campus. trump said he did the right thing he did the right thing when he postponed his event. >> he tells msnbc he didn't want to see anyone get hurt or worse. both trump supporters and protesters packed last night's rally at the pavilion. you can see arguments quickly turned into fist fights and straight up brawls there. the chicago police department said it was ready to go on despite the fact. they were taken by surprise when trump decided to postpone the event.
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we have so much anger in the country. it's anger in the country. it's not directed -- i don't think it's directed at me or anything. it is just is directed at what's been going on for years. and it's on both sides. >> trump's political opponents quick to blame him for all of this. senator ted cruz's campaign actively encouraged violence he bernie sanders said trump's campaign is about newsletters and dividing people up. senator cruz and ohio governor john kasich will be on "meet the press" tomorrow morning with nbc news political director chuck todd. they'll take strategy and their campaigns ahead of primaries in florida and ohio. it starts here on news 10:30 tomorrow morning. if you are not registered for the d.c. board of elections, it is too late to vote today. 19 delegates are up for grabs.
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a poll earlier this month showed they are split over donald trump and senator marco rubio. download our app to get breaking news alerts to your phones as results come in. and we do expect another donald trump protest today. this one right here in the washington area. we should mention it's been planned for quite some time and is not directly in response to last night's event. 9:00 this morning activists will gather near thomas circle, right across from d.c.'s republican convention, as voters cast their ballots for the gop nomination. it is 8:33. investigators in lore ton are figuring to work out who killed an 83-year-old man. his body was found at his river front property right of the potomac river. his wife called 911 yesterday morning. she thought he had fallen but determined he had been shot. police are still trying to determine whether the victim was
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a man is now charged with death in anne arundel county. hogan was arrested friday at the royal inn. police found 2-year-old michael stem at that hotel monday morning. paramedics took the little boy to the hospital where he later died of blunt force injuries. he had been watching the child. he is the boyfriend of the child's mother. this is the county's first homicide of the year 37. d.c. police have is a person of interest at a deadly shooting. it showed someone running from the area. alabama avenue southeast. that is where ivy smith was killed sunday. she was sitting at a bus stop when someone was shooting from a van. police have been able to recover that van but they want to know
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the shooting. it was apparently stolen from a prince george's county church. well, get ready for major road closures today. the rock 'n' roll marathon taking place in the district. you can see it goes through the city and blocked a lot of roads. the end of the route race has changed. officials moved the finish line from parking lot 7 at rfk to lot number three because of all the debris and melting snow that the plows picked up during the blizzard 2016. well, one of today's runners is really special. jackie snowden is 60 years old. this is her first half marathon. five years ago she had to have heart valve surgery. she is trying to keep calm as the big race approaches. but she realizes how fortunate she is to be able to run. >> it's bigger than me. i feel this is a godsend. this is something i'm supposed to do to inspire people. >> you can follow jackie at the race by searching the #powered by g
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through a windshield. the major damage on a busy highway as drivers are just trying to get home during rush hour. and developing right now, severe flooding and more rain in louisiana. neighborhoods soaked and washed three questions for the us senate: congress voted to label genetically engineered salmon; why not other foods? gmo crops are doused with heavy doses of herbicides the world health organization says probably cause cancer. isn't that reason enough to label? 64 other countries label gmos. why don't american shoppers have the same information? instead, congress might permanently block our right to know. we deserve clear, on-package labeling. tell senators kaine and warner to stop the dark act.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> good morning. the sky darkening. and we have on storm team 4 radar a few scattered sprinkles that are beginning to show up in the immediate metro area. the patches of green in nest e washington, montgomery county from bethesda, up towards rockville, gaithersburg. this is tracking north and east. it is breaking up rather quickly. not going to wash much of th
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pollen out. we have high pollen counts we have seen so far this season. mostly cedar, cypress. no doubt you are noticing it. we'll look at that and the week ahead in a few minutes. a developing story to our south. heavy rain is causing major flooding in a la. the system dumped close to 20 inches of rain. there's more rain on the way. maybe even six inches more by tomorrow in neighboring mississippi. officials say it is too early to give damage estimates pause the number of properties is changing by the minute. four people in the hospital after a shooting at a cemetery. canadian police say i funeral had just ended yesterday when someone started shooting. all the victims are men, 16 to 20 years old. none of them have life threatening injuries. officers in
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the shooting was random. right now they are investigating whether there is any connection between the shooters and whether the violence was gang related. panic on the parkway. two people are hurt after a tire flies off a car, smashes into the windshield of another suv. it all happened in new york. a 63-year-old man suffered severe head trauma on the impact. the other person in the car, 62-year-old passenger recovering from a shoulder injury. they are expected to be okay. airports are packed in spring break flyers. what the tsa says is behind a major backup and what's bn ee
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>> big change from the last few days. storm team 4 tower camera. much cooler. hovering around 50 degrees right now. look at our rain chances in just a couple of minutes. >> the d.c. firefighter who handed over his breathing mask to save a woman's life is waking up at home. 65-year-old phyllis shared his mask until she could be rescued by other firefighters inside the burning building. he talked about what was going through his mind in those
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and i looked at her, don't do it. i'll be there in a second. >> and he said he hopes to be back on the job within a week. she is still in the hospital but out of intensive care. >>. >> for her. we thank him for his service is. reagan international, you might run into long lines if you're headed out today. people are missed their flights. all of this has to do with tsa staffing levels. tom costello has more on how to fix the problem. >> reporter: it's happening at airports nationwide, agonizingly slow, long lines to get through tsa. backups, delays, and mounting frustrations. >> i missed my flight wednesday. two hours i couldn't even get through. >> reporter: same story in chicago and atlanta. >> it's long. >> reporter: dallas and newark.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, some airports closed check points. the chief on the defensive. >> it's no different if you were going to disney world at the peak period of the year, you're going to expect is to stay in line. >> reporter: 140 million expected to fly this spring alone. volume is up 7% of last year. and passengers are carrying on more to avoid fees and choke pointing areas. 2,600 guns were confiscated last year. it is at its lowest staffing level for five years. now it is training to staff up. training 192 officers each week. in minneapolis, some improvement but they say it's only a start. >> i don't think we can be satisfied until people feel good about
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>> reporter: the advice, get to the airport really early and brace yourself for what could be a very intense summer. tom costello, nbc news, reagan national airport. reminder from metro about the start of daylight saving time. set you have set your clock. >> and change your batteries. >> spring ahead. 3:00 a.m. is when the metro system closes. metro service will end an hour early late tonight. that always seems to catch riders by surprised. the last train tonight late tonight, early tomorrow morning will move through stations between 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. you have to remember that. 2:00 become 3:00. >> and make some extra coffee for the morning. ? tomorrow will be a little bleary
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>> do your warmups as well. washington nationals are looking for a new star to sing anthem. >> do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. >> this is video of last year's audition. ♪ they announced tryouts earlier this month on social media. the first 50 candidates to sing have been invited to try out. each of them will have to sing the star spangled banner a cappella in front of judges. >> they should do it where the chairs are turned around and that's how you get picked. >> isn't it cool. home opener april 7th. right around the corner. >> great. i can't wait for baseball because it means warm weather is here. >> a small plane narrowly
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missing the water. it took long island by surprise. summer olympics in rio. how armed forces are working to keep the game sa fe
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he talked to me. he declared may day, may day, my day. i was able to get that he had two on board before he went down. >> it was a close call along the beaches of long island, new york. neither of the two people on board that plane were hurt. the faa is investigating why the small cessna made the emergency landing yesterday morning. #respect your selfie. that is the message behind a special event happening next week. it is being co-sponsored by montgomery county schools. it will talk about teen violence and how to establish healthy relationships. the event is sunday, march 20th at richard montgomery high school. it's free. registration is under way right now. >> we believe by teaching young people when they are beginning their dating relationships the proper boundaries for dating
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violence. >> students in sixth grade through high school are encouraged to attend. oh, what a change has happened here. we have been in the 70s the last few days. now abilitying like march again with temperatures only around 50 degrees starting off early on this saturday morning. right now we have low clouds passing through. they have been producing a few scattered sprinkles in northern virginia. as they cross the potomac, just a few lingering sprinkles here. the few patches of light green in northeast washington, gaithersburg, moving off to the north and east. cloudy enough the rest of the morning. much cooler. dress accordingly. you'll need a light jacket. you'll definitely need long pants. put away the shorts and the t-shirts. done with the warm spring weather. uppe
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51 at reagan national. for the rock and roll marathon, just stay dry. cloud where and cool. a few light breezes, 10 miles per hour. just a small chance of a few sprinkles towards the end of the marathon. this would be a good day to get out and exercise. it will be wetter on sunday. this will be the best day to get outside and get exercise in. by 1:00, upper 50s and low 60s between 2:00 and 4:00. a cloudy afternoon. only a small chance of an additional sprinkle. storm team 4 four day forecast, we'll be in the low 50s. light showers in the morning. briefly moderate showers mid take and during the afternoon sunday. and high the only around 60 degrees. monday, cloudy and cool. maybe a few sprinkles in the morning. maybe an afternoon shower. a little drizzle and fog as well. cool for the next three days. then
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morning showers tuesday. afternoon highs mid 70s. we snap back into the mid to upper 70s on wednesday. partly cloudy. cooler towards the end of the week. mid-60s. friday, sunshine. highs in the upper 50s. >> all right. thank you very much, tom. brazil's armed forces are training to make sure athletes and tourists stay safe at this summer's olympic games in rio. yesterday simulated gas attacks on the games and how personnel would decontaminate and treat victims. the country has no history of major terror attacks. however, brazilian forces have been training with france and the u.s. just in case.
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>> they will explain what they have done to fight climate change so far. devastating mudslides and flood anything southern brazil. entire neighborhoods and roads are still under water in sao paulo, the biggest city. it includes a 4-year-old boy. heavy rains actually shut down the sao paulo international airport for hours and halted train service too. an american oil company now doing business in mexico. until now, mexico's state-owned oil company has had am monopoly on the market. gulf oil hopes to have 100 stations around mexico by the end of the year.
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another snag in a deal that could affect your power bill. the peoples council for the district both said they did not supported the revised merger terms yesterday. regulators could still vote to accept a new deal without approval from district officials. they have until april 7th to make that decision. >> the u.s. and south korea hold a joint military drill. more than 12,000 u.s. military personnel and 4,500 south korea answer involved. north korea condemned the aenal joint military drills, calling them preparations for an invasion. the joint exercise follows the recent underground nuclear test and long-range rocket launch. 8:56. a live look at the national cathedral. clouds moved in. tom is watching when rain will be headed to your neighborhood. one of the most recognizable skylines in our region. how rosslyn could be ce
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how a new law got boosted as it heads to the governor's office.
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it is 9:00 on the dot. here are the top stories that we are following right now. five people face charges and two chicago police officers are hurt after fights at a donald
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rally citing security concerns. >> all of this comes as the district holds its republican caucus today. it showed republicans in d.c. are split over donald trump and marco rubio. you can download our app and see results as they come in. >> a massive race goes through the city blocking many of the roads that you use. closures should wrap up around noon in most place. you can see they're off. a lot of them watching early because they knew there were showers coming our way. some of you, that could affect your plans. >> tom kierein can tell us what to expect. >> it should stay dry now for the rest of the marathon on this saturday morning. if re


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